Hello, Dear Readers!

With work now in full swing after the holidays and me trying to get some exercise time in after the long day, I’ll be saving all my snapshots until the weekends from here on out. I wish you all a wonderful week!!




Day 4 / 365: [Museum Day]

Comfort Meter (0 = debilitatingly self-conscious, 10 = diva status): 9

Went to the museum with the family today. On a scale of 0 to 10, I rated my comfort level as a 9. Seems pretty high, but this is one of those outfits I feel pretty non-self-conscious in. The stretchy and long tank hide my belly and rear, but the v-neck and ruching give a little interest and play up the bust area a little. I feel like maybe the short cardigan with the skirt kind of chopped my body up in 3 sections, though. Still, this was a “safe” outfit for me. I’m itching to go shopping to see if I can learn to accessorize more, but for now, I’m working with what I have.

Short cardi: 89th and Madison
Paisley tank: Venezia (thrifted)
Denim skirt: Levi’s “Perfectly Slimming”
Shoes: J. Crew “Billie”
Bag: Giorgio Armani (ebay)
Sunglasses: Valentino

Day 3 / 365: [Lunch with Friends]

Comfort Meter: (0 = debilitatingly self-conscious, 10 = diva status): 8

Met up with friends for lunch today, then took the dog to the vet. Nothing earth-shattering about this outfit, but the high-low “flutter” sweater is one of my favorites–comfy, not too form-fitting, not too oversized. Threw on the leopard print shoes for a little splash of interest and called it a day. Later swapped out the headband for my red Valentino sunglasses that served the dual purpose of protecting the eyes and keeping my hair out of my face.

Sending the right message

I love Jennifer’s confidence, her down-to-earth nature, and her willingness to be real. Beauty, inside and out!

Izzy in London

So I went to see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire the other week (brilliant film!) and I couldn’t help but be mezmerised by the fantastic Jennifer Lawrence. Such a strong, beautiful, HEALTHY woman who doesn’t look like she is suffering from malnutrition like the rest of Hollywood’s young actresses. Since then I’ve come across this quote from her;


And it just made me realise how deprived we are of women in Hollywood who are gorgeous and actually look like real people. And to be young in Hollywood and as strong as Miss Lawrence in her body-image and what she wants to convey to other young girls, that is commendable! I wish there was rolemodels like her around when I was in my early 20’s, because maybe then I wouldn’t have felt there was something wrong because I wasn’t a skinny mini. I’d say the closest I got to see a…

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DAY 2 / 365 : [Night at the Theatre]

Challenge: Sporting leggings with a top that doesn’t fully cover my rear.

Comfort Meter (0 = debilitatingly self-conscious, 10 = diva status): 5

Went to the theatre with my sister and son tonight. Sported new tuxedo striped leggings with a shorter blazer. Felt good leaving the house, but started feeling self-conscious in public. The wedge heels helped, though. I carried myself taller and more confidently.

DAY 1 / 365: [This is Me]



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